Friday, December 1, 2023

Johnny Depp made history in Australia by selling his Queensland Mansion

This is undoubtedly the finest period in Johnny Depp‘s life. At the same time as he’s playing King Louis XV in Jeanne du Barry and resuming his acting career, he’s supposedly found love with his ex-lawyer Joelle Rich. Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has apparently sold his Queensland Mansion for a massive profit.

Most people are aware of how combative Johnny and Amber’s relationship was. Many instances of physical abuse amongst the actors have come to light throughout the trials in Virginia and the UK. The actor from Aquaman 2 once tossed a bottle of whiskey at him, cutting off one of his fingers.

It appears that the scandal has been a game-changer of epic proportions for the actor. According to reports, Johnny Depp paid $1.5 million for his Queensland Mansion. The house was up for sale a month ago and has sold for $40 million that is a staggering price at the time.

The record-breaking sale of Johnny Depp’s property in Queensland, Australia is more proof of his status as a global icon. He has made about 26.66 times his initial investment in the 10-bedroom, 10-bathroom mansion with a wine cellar. After all, it was there that he and Amber Heard had their big fight in 2015 and the whole world saw it.

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