Friday, December 1, 2023

John Wick famed actor John Leguizamo slammed ‘Super Mario Bros.’ makers

A Colombian actor living in the United States named John Leguizamo is upset with the creators of the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ animated film, in which he voiced the character Aurelio. Based on allegations, the actor has spoken out against the film’s all-white cast and the lack of ‘Latinx protagonists.

John Leguizamo played Luigi in the live-action ‘Super Mario Bros. released in 1993, reportedly wasn’t happy with the casting choice when Chris Pratt has unveiled as the famed Italian plumber Mario. Upon seeing the film’s initial trailer, John voiced his reservations. He also spoke highly of the original’s color-blind casting choices.

John Leguizamo tweeted, “So pleased #superMariobros is getting a revival! Iconic status is implicit (enough). Unfortunately, they decided to wear only white. No Hispanics or Latinos in key roles. The original cast was groundbreaking for its colorblindness”. The word Latinx refers to people of Latin American descent regardless of their identified gender.

According to reports, he also claimed to be the only one who knew how to make the film work script wise. Chris Pratt will play the title character in the 2023 film, with Charlie Day playing Mario’s sibling Luigi.

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