Monday, December 4, 2023

John Cena shows he was homeless before he was renowned

WWE star John Cena has revealed that he was homeless before becoming a star. His son said in a recent interview that he slept in the back seat of his car for a while.

“I had a quick nap in my car, which turned out to be a pretty roomy car in Lincoln since 1991,” John Cena told The Sun. “I was in the trunk with my clothing and I slept in the back seat.”

John Cena was working out at the gym at the time but said the money didn’t cover all of her bills.

“I would get up, use the dressing room and shower, and repeat the process from scratch,” he added.

The Dolittle star first moved to Los Angeles in 1999. Son’s father did not support the move, predicting the WWE star would fail.

“My dad told me that in two weeks I would be back with my penis between my legs,” Sina told the store. “Naturally, I rapidly found and had to resist my resources. I wouldn’t go home to weep.”

His son continued to star in “Train Ruins” with actresses Amy Schumer and “Bumblebee”. He will appear alongside Margo Robbie and Idris Elba in the upcoming film “Suicide Squad”.

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