Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Joe Alwyn opened up about his longtime relationship with Taylor Swift

Recently, Taylor Swift longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn made a public statement about their relationship. The British actor has questioned about polyamorous relationships while promoting his new Hulu series Conversations with Friends. His character is in an open relationship in series.

He said, “I think individuals should be able to do whatever makes them happy. Regarding his nearly five-year relationship with Swift, I’m definitely satisfied in a monogamous relationship.”

Later, when asked about the programme, he continued by stating, “But I think one of the intriguing things about Sally Rooney’s works. What she explores is pleasure, love, desire and connection outside of the structures that we make for ourselves.”

Alwyn said in 2019 that 99.9 percent of what the press write about them is incorrect. Whereas, he was referring to Swift and his connection with her. “It’s flattering,” he said when Swift wrote a song about him.

Actor Joe Alwyn is a longstanding secret lover of Taylor Swift. However, he recently made an unusual revelation about the two of them.

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