Friday, December 1, 2023

Jennifer Lopez’s move shocks fans amid divorce rumours

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram account was turned off without any explanation, and all of her social media pages were taken down because there were rumors that she was getting a divorce.

The singer, actor, and producer left her admirers guessing about her move. Some believe she’ll release a new album, while others fear she’ll divorce Ben Affleck.

Celebrities and musicians have deleted social media accounts before releasing albums.

J. Lo’s 2014 album “A.K.A.” She sang with Shakira at the halftime show of the 2020 Super Bowl, which led to the “Halftime” documentary on Netflix.

Some people lament the existence of black social media pages.The singer’s motivation is unclear.

The award-winning artist, 53, recently posted a TikTok video of herself embracing husband Ben Affleck.No one knows why this and her other posts disappeared.

Lopez’s Twitter account, which has 45.5 million followers, and her TikTok account, which has 15.4 million followers, both have dark profile pictures, but her posts are still there. 

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