Friday, March 31, 2023

Jennifer Aniston explains why she excludes unvaccinated people from her social group

In reply to its opponents, Jennifer Aniston refused to accept her choice to break connections with unvaccinated friends.

Jennifer stated in an interview with InStyle Magazine, “I have simply lost a couple individuals in my weekly routine who have refused, or have refused or have disclosed, or have not [vaccinated] and it has been awful.”

A big percentage is still anti-vaxxers or just don’t hear the facts, she noted.

It is a moral and professional duty of everyone to enlighten others. Jennifer feels it is. “It’s awkward, since everyone has the right to their own view, yet many opinions feel like they are founded on nothing but fear or propaganda.”

Many of the supporters of Jennifer termed their action “divide” and stated that vaccination is a personal decision and nobody should be compelled to take it.

Jennifer voiced her deception at the critique and answered a question as to why she was concerned about the vaccinations around her, yet she was vaccinated.

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