Friday, December 1, 2023

Jenna Ortega’s surprising childhood passion

Jenna Ortega did autopsies as a child. Wednesday’s celebrity remarked, “Maddie and I are the same person in different fonts.” Ortega called her “strange.”

“I’m a weirdo because I used to autopsy dead lizards in my backyard when I was younger,” she added. She said Ziegler is unusual because she acts out or makes expressions.
In an interview with Olivia Rodrigo for The Face, the 20-year-old discussed her strange affinity for unpleasant things.

Jenna Ortega said that there are scary pictures of her smiling while lying on the floor and having blood all over her face. “I love fake goods.” I haven’t been stabbed yet, so it’s still a fun thing I do at work. I love blood. I enjoy shooting chase scenarios.

She continued, “I hope people could see horror’s other side.” We laugh nonstop. We shot a scene with Ghostface in Scream and couldn’t stop laughing during their monologue. Not really. Scaring me is difficult. I never flinched when kids jumped out from behind door frames.

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