Friday, February 23, 2024

Jenna Ortega was a “massive scaredy-cat”

Wednesday stars Jenna Ortega. The live-action version by Tim Burton is based on The Addams Family and its 1993 sequel.

Ortega portrays Wednesday as a teen when she joins the Nevermore Academy. The 20-year-old actress said she “won’t let anyone stop her.”

Ortega, 20, told the New York Times that she was a “big scaredy-cat.” She slept with the lights on until she was a teenager.

Ortega has reportedly played many scary parts despite her anxieties. She was “trapped in a basement with a corpse in X,” the publication said. Scream’s protagonist kills a serial killer. In “The Babysitter: Killer Queen,” she shreds a satanic cultist with a boat propeller.

Ortega said, “My Wednesday has hidden confidence.” “She’s on a mission, and nobody can stop her.”

Oretga was less optimistic than Wednesday. She remarked about the Netflix series, “I had reservations.” “I’d previously done teen programmes,” she said, and taking on the franchise part added pressure.

The actress told the NYT that not every role demands practising fencing, canoeing, archery, German, and twice-weekly cello lessons.

She remarked, “I was tearing my hair out.” “My friends know what that cello did to me.”

Ortega said he couldn’t ignore the pressure of stepping into a job immortalised by Ricci, who portrays the most “regular” teacher at the school.

Ortega: “You want to do a legendary character justice.”

After Wednesday, is she scared she’ll be labelled a horror queen? She said, “Some.” She has trouble rejecting horror scripts.

She stated, “Horror is therapeutic.” You don’t get to scream bloody murder in regular life; therefore, it’s a way to release stress.

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