Wednesday, October 4, 2023

True reason Jeffrey Epstein befriended Prince Andrew: claim

During their relationship, Sarah Ferguson’s ex-lover says that Jeffrey Epstein used Prince Andrew as a bridge to get closer to Queen Elizabeth II.

John Bryan became famous in 1992 because of the “toe-sucking scandal” he had with Fergie. He stated that he believed sexual offender Epstein wanted to profit from Her Majesty.

The successful entrepreneur, when asked about his career by the Mail on Sunday, said: “It was nothing more than an attempt at blackmail.” People are usually curious about Epstein’s financial background. It was expected of him to be some kind of tax guru. But the whole thing was a fraud.

“He blackmailed wealthy individuals and then forced them to pay ransoms so that they could avoid public disgrace.” Through these means, he amassed tens of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Epstein tried to catch Andrew in his web, but I think he was really after the Queen the whole time.
After being found guilty of being a sex trafficker in August of 2019, Epstein’s body was discovered in the jail cell where he was being held.

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