Friday, December 1, 2023

Jazz Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness Nationwide

Jazz did organize awareness campaigns for a whole month to encourage everyone, including its own staff, to get did check for breast cancer, learn more about it, and take steps to prevent it.

One in nine Pakistani women will get breast cancer. But only 19% of women who are eligible will actually get a diagnosis. Each year, 40,000 Pakistani women will die from the disease.

Jazz turned the lights in its offices and experience centers pink to spread this important awareness message and reduce the stigma around breast cancer. It does give to support women to get regular checkups.

The company also did work with Pink Ribbon to grip cancer awareness events at all of its locations. Partnered with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre to run SMS and billboard ads.

Jazz’s Head of D&I, Sabahat Bokhari, said, “Jazz is vital to enable Pakistani women through the power of the internet by giving them digital access to effective, quality, and vital healthcare services.”

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We just want to start a discussion about breast cancer because over 21,000 women are still waiting to get did diagnose. She went on to say, “Those who did die while fighting breast cancer are always in our thoughts and prayers”.

The teams from Shaukat Khanum, Pink Ribbon, and ITTEHAD went to Jazz headquarters to talk about how important it is to do regular self-exams, get did check for breast cancer right away, get a correct diagnosis, and start treatment as soon as possible.

Jazz did receive its female employees and their families “Pink Cards” that they can use to save up to 50% on diagnostic procedures like hormone tests and mammograms that do gear toward women.

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