Friday, December 1, 2023

Jazz announces inflation adjustment pay for contract employees

Jazz has said that its front-line and contract employees with incomes within a certain range will get a one-time payout as an inflation adjustment.

As a result of employees praising the company’s focus on its people on social media, this has happened.

Jazz spokeswoman Khayyam Siddiqi tweeted, “While Jazz is helping flood victims with free calls and emergency supplies, it just announced a one-time inflation adjustment payout for its frontline and contract employees.”

Everyone is feeling the pinch of the economy right now. We are happy to give the Jazz family a one-time inflation adjustment distribution of PKR 50,000 to help with the rising cost of living. In an internal memo, CEO Aamir Ibrahim and CPO Wajida Leclerc said that Jazz is always responsible for paying all applicable taxes related to the payout.

The suit says, “We believe that the program will assist reduce some of the financial challenges of our front-line and contract staff.”

Many current and former employees have said that Mobilink/Jazz is the most caring company they’ve ever worked for. Mobilink’s former CEO, Zouhair Khaliq, has also spoken highly of the company.

I’m happy there are still people in the world that believe that. Mobilink is first founded as a company that cares about its employees, customers, and also the community around it. That’s great to hear, Zouhair said on Twitter.

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Throughout the years, a number of organizations have praised Jazz’s inclusive policies, wellness efforts, and friendly work culture. Improved work-life balance, and also constant upskilling approach.

The Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Engage Consulting, and the Pakistan Society for Human Resource Management. Other groups are some of the organizations that are involved.

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