Monday, September 25, 2023

Jawbone filed a lawsuit against Apple for using ANC technology in the AirPods Pro

Active noise cancellation is one of the characteristics of Apple’s AirPods Pro, which are wireless headphones. However, according to a filed lawsuit by Jawbone against Apple, the Cupertino corporation may have infringed upon the technology utilized in the AirPods Pro. The lawsuit has gone unanswered by Apple.

The reason why the name seems so familiar to those who are unfamiliar with it is that Jawbone was one of the firms from a few years ago that competed in the same wearables market. Just like as other companies such as Fitbit and other companies such as Garmin. The company has now gone out of business, and we had given up hope that we would ever hear from them again, until now.

According to a filed lawsuit by Jawbone against Apple, they have eight distinct patents that have linked to reducing background noise. And that they are attempting to enforce. According to reports, Jawbone had offered firms such as Apple and Google the opportunity to purchase the patents. But had turned down. We are unsure of who might be behind the lawsuit because we believe that the majority of the people behind the company have now left the company.

According to a story from Bloomberg, Jawbone has relocated its headquarters to Waco, Texas. Where it has housed in a modest office building that does not have a phone number associated to it. Apple has not yet responded to the complaint, so it is unknown what they intend to do in response. However, we anticipate that they will file a legal fight against it.

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