Tuesday, December 5, 2023

J-Hope exposes his Instagram secrets

J-Hope revealed his secret to being ‘always online’ and the first to like his groupmates’ social media posts.

The singer spoke to Weverse Magazine about everything.

He said, “I suppose that’s because of everything else I saw and learnt.” It’s become a habit to show off my knowledge. I tried numerous techniques to discover which was fascinating. Hope it was interesting.”

Instant photographs are one of the few ways to retain a record that you own.

“Even though I planned to share my daily life on Instagram, I wanted a film copy for myself, so I chose instant photographs.”

“I shared these, but realized there’s a limit to what analogue can say, so I’m filling my Instagram with current photographs.”

“I wanted to share casual images of myself before, but now I want to show my artistic side.”

“I want to utilize Instagram to express who I am as an artist and Weverse to be more honest with people.” Maybe that’s why my Instagram looks different.”

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