Monday, December 11, 2023

“It’s not over”, Dr Faisal Sultan warned against complacency with the virus, says keeping close eye on variants

Special Assistant of Health, Dr Faisal Sultan, on Thursday warned about complacency by observing preventative measures for Covid-19, saying the threat of a variant of the coronavirus is not over, it still exists, which the government continues to monitor.

The Sultan spoke at a ceremony in Islamabad, during which he provided up-to-date information on Pakistan’s vaccination campaign to date. He said the fight against Covid-19 was “not over yet”. Also, adding that after the second wave of the coronavirus, there was now a new threat from the Covid-19 variant.

“I think we are keeping a close eye on those and it will require continued vigilance and retooling of efforts to combat this to completion”.

Dr Faisal Sultan said it was “crucial” to continue efforts to contain the pandemic with reference to standard operating procedures. So that “we don’t give up on what has been achieved”.

“Some time period for continuation of these [precautionary] measures, habits and care that we have learned needs to be ensured”, he said.

Dr Faisal Sultan said the “idea of vaccinations” was directly linked to this sustainable prevention strategy. And said the world was fortunate to have a very effective Covid-19 vaccine.

“Some of my friends asked me in my infectious diseases role sometimes as to which vaccine they should get. I say get the one you can get a hold of; all the approved vaccines by major authorities carry significant protection against severe disease”.

SAPM said Pakistan was in the process of vaccinating frontline health workers and “pretty soon with the help of Covax collective effort. We will have the first lot of vaccines by AstraZeneca”. Furthermore, he said vaccination for the population would start in the first week of March. “Starting with the older individuals and then working our way down”.

About Vaccination Program

He found that the vaccination program was running “very well”. Supported by a strong information system that made it possible to document. Not only the use of vaccines but also documentation for the people who were vaccinated in the form of vaccine certificates. “Those will be handy in travel, employment and Haj, and so forth,” he said.

He Said, “I do feel we need to speed it up and wrap it up because the pace isn’t what I would be happy about. I think we have some measures and ideas to make it a little bit faster,” Sultan said. Urging the public to influence and convince people in their social circles to get vaccinated while vaccinating. available.

“I think once we have a significant number of people in the world who are vaccinated, we will start to breathe a little easier.”

He added that Pakistan now has “a sustainable, sustainable and permanent mechanism” to fight infectious diseases from around the world. “It turns out that if you put in the right ingredients, especially in terms of systems, you can literally skip the first line, even if you’re a little behind.”

The virus is not over yet, that’s why it’s necessary for us to Make sure to take some simple precautions. Such as: Maintain physical distance, wear a mask, proper ventilation of the room, avoid crowds, clean hands, and cough with folding elbows or handkerchiefs.

Pakistan is at the bottom of the list of countries with the most tests

As Covid-19 cases continue to decline in Pakistan, the site is ranked 29th on the list of the 30 countries. That have performed the most tests per million people (PMP).

“According to the website, which stores global data, Pakistan has performed 39,136 tests per million people”. Indonesia is the only country that has done fewer tests – 38,135 PMP tests. Pakistan conducted a total of 8.7 million tests last year.

You can read more about it from this link.

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