Wednesday, March 29, 2023

It wasn’t meant for me to be bruised, says American actress Halle Berry

In ‘Bruised,’ Halle Berry wasn’t meant to be a star. The 54-year-old actress debuted the next Netflix film as director of a feature picture, but revealed how she played the key part in the project of Blake Lively.

“I can’t get that out of my mind, so I thought, is this feasible for someone like me to recreate that? Because I think I have a take that may work – make it a middle-aged black woman, somebody who’s fighting a final chance instead of another opportunity.”

The Oscar winner’s brilliance shines on. But it’ll be more effective and significant if you’re in a specific life phase, won’t it?”

The ‘X-Men’ actress met a dozen potential directors, but the passionate fan of fighting sports felt that they were not able to satisfy their views of the project and chose to come behind the camera.

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