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‘It was all Ayesha’s plot’: Rambo claims

Rambo, the spouse of TikToker Ayesha Akram, has asserted his innocence, claiming that it was not his choice to transport the social media sensation to the Minar-e-Pakistan.

He made this statement after he was apprehended by authorities for allegedly blackmailing the victim.

The development happened as a result of Ayesha Akram’s reversal of position, in which she blamed her partner, Rambo, for the entire incident that occurred on Independence Day.

Ayesha Akram was not taken to the park, according to Rambo’s early statement. He said it was not his idea to take her there. In a video statement, the accused claimed that the charged crowd was responsible for the molestation and manhandling of the TikTok celebrity.

He described his side of the tale, stating that he had to struggle to get Ayesha Akram out of Minar-e-Pakistan and that he had ended up behind prison ‘for saving her’.

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When Rambo came to the end of the clip, it was revealed that another man had been scheduled to accompany Ayesha to the Minar e-Pakistan, but that he had cancelled his trip at the last minute owing to his brother’s death.

The Punjab Police responded to Ayesha Akram‘s complaint, in which she accused Rambo of blackmailing her and taking advantage of her. She further said that she had given Rs1 million to Rambo, who is the leader of a ‘TikTok gang.’

At least seven persons, including Amir Sohail nicknamed Rambo, were captured by police during separate operations in the provincial capital on Friday. Cops also staged a raid in Rawalpindi in order to apprehend a man named Badshah, but he managed to flee before they could apprehend him.

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Rambo had intended to visit Iqbal Park on Independence Day, according to the allegation. He and his coworkers also made some obscene recordings of her for their own amusement.

According to the TikToker, Rambo comes from a poor family, and she helped him financially and treated him like a younger brother, according to an earlier statement.

It all began on August 14, when Ayesha and her companions were allegedly harassed and manhandled by a mob in Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park on Independence Day, according to reports.

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According to the victim’s complaint, she and her friends were recording a video near the Minar-e-Pakistan when they were attacked by a mob of approximately 400 individuals who were enraged by their presence.

She claimed that the mob sexually assaulted her and threw her into the air, prompting her to strip in public. Ayesha further claimed that the crowd took her gold ornaments, cash, and mobile phone, among other things.

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