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Pakistan earns $195 million by exporting IT services

During the first month of the current fiscal year 2021/22, Pakistan earned $195.990 million from the provision of various information technology (IT) services in other nations.

According to the most recent data given by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), this represents a gain of 20.22 percent when compared to the $163.020 million earned through the provision of services during the equivalent time of the previous fiscal year 2020/21.

During the month under consideration, the computer services sector experienced a 23.04 percent increase in revenue, rising to $150.450 million in July 2021 from $122.280 million the previous year.

Exports of software consultancy services climbed by 434.15 percent to $0.219 million from $0.41 million, while exports of hardware consultancy services increased by 39.27 percent to $53.830 million from the US $38.651 million, both in the computer services category.

A 211.54% increase in the export of repair and maintenance services to $0.162 million from $0.52 million was recorded, whilst the exports and imports of computer software services both increased by 4.31 percent to $35.009 million from $33.561 million, respectively.

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Moreover, exports of other computer services increased 22.52% to $61.230 million, as compared to $49.975 million a year earlier.

Meanwhile, during the month under review, exports of information services declined by 8.82 percent, falling to $0.310 million from $0.340 million, a loss of $0.310 million.

Within information services, exports of information-related services climbed 26.67 percent to $0.209 million from $0.165 million, while exports of other information services decreased 42.29 percent to $0.101 million from $0.175 million, according to the International Trade Administration.

Telecommunication services exports climbed by 11.96 percent, rising to $45.230 million from $40.400 million, according to the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) figures.

According to the data, the exports of call center services increased by 11.80 percent during the month, with exports increasing to $11.954 million from $10.692 million. The exports of other telecommunication services grew by 12.01 percent to $33.276 million from $29.708 million the previous year, a rise of $12.01 million over the previous year.

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