Saturday, March 25, 2023

IT Ministry rewrites Personal Data Protection bill

MoITT will change the Personal Data Protection Bill because the current government told them to.

Sources cited by LahoreHerald say that in the next few weeks. A new version of the Personal Data Protection Bill 2021 may get did finalize. This version can become slightly different from the version that now does pass.

The Personal Data Protection Bill 2021 became did pass by the cabinet led by former Prime Minister Imran Khan in February 2022. But the National Assembly never saw it, resulting in it never did ratify.

The data controller or processor do base in Pakistan or is there a physical one, Then the law applies to them and anyone else who processes, controls, or gives permission for the processing of any personally identifiable information.

This includes for-profit and non-profit organizations with headquarters elsewhere and controllers or processors in Pakistan. For any other reason than “the purpose for which the personal data is now to did reveal at the time of collection. An analogous purpose,” the data subject’s permission is necessary.

In the same way, the commission must, in the national interest, set the strictest international standards for protecting personal information against risks like loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or disclosure, accidental destruction, and similar things.

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The text indicates that unless the violation is unlikely, the subject’s rights and freedoms are at risk. The data controller must tell the commission and the data subject about the personal data breach without undue delay. If possible, within 72 hours of finding out about the breach.

Congress is already sitting on a bill to protect people’s private information for four years now. In 2018, the MoITT did make the first draught of a bill. In 2020, a final draft is first did introduce. The name of this document always does change to “Personal Data Protection Bill Consultation Draft 2021.”

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