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IT Minister Wants to invite International Community to Collaborate with Pakistan

Syed Amin-ul-Haque, the federal minister for IT and telecommunications (ITT), has done ask International Community to Collaborate with Pakistan. Saying that doing so would mean working with a large group of young people who are both able and motivated to get things done.

During his keynote speech at the ITU PP-22 Ministerial Conference in Bucharest on Tuesday, he said these things.

The Minister of IT wants to extend an invitation to the international community to work together with Pakistan. One of the most popular things to do is definitely something that has to do with technology.

Countries are making plans for the fast adoption of information and communication technology. So that they can keep their promise of social and economic prosperity to their people (ICT). The rural people of Pakistan will now have access to much better service packages. He or she said, “We have made it a part of the wireless broadband access initiative for us to offer LTE technology as part of the services we offer.

Pakistan’s work to improve coverage and data speed will be good for the end user. Follow the Green ICT method and work to reduce the sector’s emissions. As part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 7 (Clean Energy). All Universal Service Fund projects must now use solar energy to power their infrastructure.

He also said that the Ministry of IT has now set up OPEX subsidies, and lowered prices. Made it easier for people to get health care.

What Pakistan’s ICT Industry Has Done in the Past

He said that the USF’s activities in Pakistan over the past four years are very busy. Since it did begin in 2007, Pakistan has signed contracts for 79 new projects. This is more than twice as many as any other time in history. He said that more than 15,000 villages that didn’t have internet before and 27.8 million people are already able to access the internet.

“Our government wants the digital transformation of Pakistan to bring about social and economic prosperity and give citizens more power,” he said. Our team is coming up with new ideas and new hardware to build a full digital ecosystem in Pakistan that can quickly roll out new digital services.

When talking about the vision for digital Pakistan. IT Minister said, “The implementation plan will set the country up for accelerated digital transformation, matching the pace of leading economies with the international community. This will lead to more economic opportunities, more efficient public administration, and governance structures.

A better socioeconomic situation for its citizens”. We call Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle the “3Rs” in our official meetings because they are three of the most important ideas about sustainability that we are thinking about as we make Pakistan’s digital roadmap.

How climate change affects ICT

Even though Pakistan has one of the lowest rates of carbon emissions per person in the world. The minister said that it is also one of the biggest victims of climate change in the world. The damage done by recent floods in the country is hard to understand. So, he said, as part of its current cross-sector digital transformation, the IT Ministry is emphasizing how important it is to finish the material and energy cycles.

Governments at every level are starting to make the best use of their resources so that they have less of an impact on the environment. We want an eco-system with less paper and less waste by using a solar-powered National Assembly and making all federal cabinet meetings digital “He said.

He went on to say that all governments could learn something from the tech industry right now. Especially about how new apps and platforms are helping customers make better decisions about their lifestyles and purchases.

It’s about time we saw how important the 4th industrial revolution was to modern technological progress and adopted the way of thinking that came out of it. He said that we are currently working to automate citizen services in a way that fits with the 21st century. This will make government work better at all levels.

The government of Pakistan has identified key strategic enablers where interventions will be crucial to realizing the digital Pakistan vision. So we want to take a holistic approach. The IT minister went on to say that these kinds of changes will improve Pakistan’s position and performance on many global indices and help the country reach its sustainable development goals.

Pakistan ICT Industry

From what the minister said, “Pakistan’s ICT economy has grown at high rates for a long time and is one of the fastest-growing industries in Pakistan. This shows that Pakistan’s ICT industry has the potential to provide IT solutions and services through sustainable models. The ITU says, “Pakistan is doing everything it can to make sure that all Pakistanis have access to broadband.

Close digital gaps, and improve digital skills. Speed up the adoption of E-Government in line with ITU’s Strategic plans for 2024-2027. All of this through a sustainable policy framework because it believes that ICT technologies can play a key role in solving the world’s climate change problems”.

He said that now is the best time to invest in Pakistan because foreign investors are getting so many benefits, especially in the ITT industry.

Visits from officials from other countries

Haque then met with the ITT ministers and the heads of mission from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China, the UK, Egypt, Ghana, Japan, and Malaysia at the event’s side events. During the talks, both sides talked about and agreed on ways to improve relations in the ICT sector. As well as joint projects and work on cyber security, cloud policy, and digitalization.

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