Sunday, December 10, 2023

Israeli fighter jets strike again on Gaza for third time after ceasefire

In response of shooting balloons fired by Hamas, there were no causalities reported.

Israeli fighter jets targeted the weapons manufacturing plants in Gaza overnight on Friday. It is their third time of strike after the ceasefire in May. Whereas, Hamas said the attack had spread to the training grounds and there were no reports of casualties.

An Israeli spokesman said the airstrikes fighter jets were in response to flaming balloons fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli villages. Burning balloon that had fired into Israeli territory today is a weapons production facility operate by the terrorist organization Hamas.

There was no immediate indication which Gaza group was responsible for the balloon launch. But Israel always blamed Hamas for its every action. It was the third time Israel has carried out air strikes on Gaza since the end of the 11-day offensive.

Police and Army said In Israel said that 13 people had killed by rockets fired from Gaza. Whereas, Gaza authorities said that Israel killed at least 256 Palestinians in recent conflict. Egyptian and international mediators are trying to strengthen the informal ceasefire that ended the last war.

There have been many explosions since the ceasefire including a number of balloon launches last month. But Israel retaliated with air strikes. Israel’s army chief ordered the armed forces to prepare for various scenarios including the resumption of hostilities.

In recent days, Israel has relaxed restrictions to allow Qatar-funded fuel and expanded Gaza’s fishing zone and allowed cross-border trade.

What is the reason of Gaza conflict between Israel and Hamas?

The Gaza Strip has under an Israeli-Egyptian blockade since 2007 after democratically elected Hamas took control of the coastal enclave. At least two million people, half of them under the age of 18 live in dire humanitarian conditions. That area is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

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