Saturday, December 2, 2023

Israel buy vaccines for Syria under a secret agreement with Russia

Israel paid Russia $ 1.2 million to provide the Syrian government to buy the vaccines for Syria. Because of part of a deal that ensures the release of an Israeli woman who was arrested in Damascus, Israeli media reported on Sunday.

Surely the terms of the secret compromise organized by Moscow between the two countries remain grim. Whereas the fact that Israel supplies vaccines for Syria, a hostile country where hostile Iranian forces are stationed, has drawn criticism at home and contrasts with Israel’s refusal to deliver maximum quantities Palestinians for vaccination in the Western Bank and Gaza Strip.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in addition, the deal did not involve an Israeli vaccine. Ignoring whether Israel paid for the Russian vaccine, he said Russia insisted the details of the swap were kept secret.

Netanyahu’s office declined to comment, and many details of the deal also remain censored.

While Union leader Merav Michaeli asked the Knesset’s Foreign and Defense Affairs Committee to discuss the agreement. Also Netanyahu’s politically inappropriate use of censorship.

Why do Israelis need to keep hearing about things in the foreign media that their Prime Minister is hiding from them? Furthermore, he said on Israel Khan radio.

Israel released a young woman

Israel announced on Friday that it had reached out to Russian mediation to return a young woman who crossed the border earlier this month to neighboring Syria. In this case, Israel says it has freed two Syrian shepherds who entered Israeli territory.

However, Netanyahu boasted that his good relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin helped make the deal. But his cabinet did not mention a deal to pay for vaccines for Syria.

Israel has paid for an undisclosed dose of the Sputnik V vaccine, according to Israeli reports. Russia’s direct investment fund, which financed the development of Sputnik V. Announced in November that it would cost less than $ 10 per dose internationally.

The Syrian state news agency has rejected the deal.

“The 25-year-old Israeli released and returned also to home thorugh Moscow and under questioning by the Israel Security Agency”. She comes from the predominantly ultra-Orthodox town of Modin Illit and has previously tried to cross Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip and Jordan, Israeli media said.

The woman said, she have to enter Syrian territory from the Golan Heights. Israel conquered the Middle East in 1967 and annexed in 1981, a move not recognized internationally. Although Israeli officials have not disclosed their identity and motivation for moving to Syria.

Gideon Saar, former Netanyahu ally who plans to remove him from office in Israel’s upcoming elections, said. The government’s censorship was incomprehensible to something Damascus and Moscow know about unknowing Israeli citizens.

Israeli citizens barred from visiting Syria

Moreover, Israel and Syria remain under official martial law, and Israeli citizens are officially barred from visiting Syria.

While Israel’s hostile enemy Iran has sent troops to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against the rebel group. Israel views Iran’s strongholds on its northern border as red line and has carried out hundreds of airstrikes against Iranian facilities. Also suspected weapons convoys aimed at Iranian-backed Hezbollah fighters.

Netanyahu’s announcement that he would pay for vaccines for Syria on the enemy’s side but contrasts with his refusal to administer large quantities of vaccines. To Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, which sparked protests from human rights groups.

The difference between the successful push to vaccinate Israel against its own people and Palestine has sparked criticism from UN officials and human rights groups. Highlighting inequality between rich and poor countries that have access to vaccines. Hence, these groups claim that Israel is responsible for vaccinating Palestinians in occupied territories. Israel says that under Oslo Accords signed with the Palestinians in the 1990s. Further the Palestinian Authority must be careful about vaccinating its own people.

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