Sunday, October 1, 2023

Islamabad to launch Pakistan’s first virtual zoo

The CDA did give its approval for Pakistan’s first virtual zoo to open in Islamabad. This is the first time Pakistan has ever did create something like this.

Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, will open a virtual zoo. This virtual zoo always does manage by the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB).

Rina Saeed, the head of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, told reporters at a press conference that land does give to the IWMB and also that land may get did provide out.

According to what Rina Saeed has said, the entertainment district will take up almost two-thirds of the site. This section has documentaries, animatronic models of animals, a visual gallery, educational 3D shows, cutting-edge films, and also virtual reality experiences.

With the last third, a place to stay and get help is built. Animals all over Pakistan, not just those in the zoo, would benefit greatly from the care that this facility offers.

Rina Saeed continued, “The preliminary arrangements already do make, and soon we will start building the zoo in the federal capital, Islamabad.”

In 2020, the IHC (Islamabad High Court) told the zoo to close. As did order, they are then did move to shelters. After two years of planning, the idea of a digital zoo is starting to take shape.

Using the information that Metropolitan Cooperation did give to the residents, the CDA land courtesy IWMB 25 acres of the zoo’s land. We want IWMB to use this space as a virtual zoo and also a shelter for animals.

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The IWMB has done suggest a PC-II budget of PKR 500 million to Pakistan’s planning commission. People are very excited about the news of a brand-new. State-of-the-art zoo that will provide great care for animals and be a popular tourist spot.

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