Thursday, April 18, 2024

iPhone camera detects rare Eye Cancer in three month old boy

Apple’s iPhone camera has been very well received. They may not always be the best of the best, but they are very consistent in terms of quality, but Apple didn’t always expect their cameras to be able to detect eye cancer.
Josie Rock, 41, took a photo of her three-month-old son Asher, Fox News reports. When she returned to examine the photo, she noticed that one of Usher’s eyes was glowing white. She immediately thought was cancer. Further testing confirmed their fears and found that Baby Asher had a very rare form of eye cancer, also known as grade D retinoblastoma.

After being diagnosed with grade de retinoblastoma at the age of three months, Asher Rock, now seven years old, has survived. Her mother, Josie Rock, discovered a tumor in her right eye after it glowed white in the photo.

However, the good news is that Asher is successfully undergoing treatment as he has been arrested early. Dr. Thomas Olson, director of the solid tumor program at Aflac Children’s Cancer Center in Atlanta, told Fox, “We first gave him [Asher] chemotherapy intravenously and an ophthalmologist who used a laser point [in his eye] was the answer. His chemotherapy has completed in 2015. “Retinoblastoma problems can appear elsewhere. Over time, some new ones come out and that’s lasers.”

Asher, now 7 years old, has passed 54 exams so far and is still receiving treatment. But luckily he survived because luckily he has arrested early due to Apple’s iPhone camera.

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