Saturday, December 2, 2023

iPhone 13 will have more internal storage than the iPhone 12

If you use iPhone professionally or just have a lot of apps, you’ll need a lot of storage space – while the iPhone 12 models limit 512GB, some iPhone 13 models can double that to 1 TB.

This rumor comes from the FrontPageTech YouTube channel, which claims in the video that the iPhone 13 Pro (and possibly the Pro Max as well) is being tested in a 1TB configuration. The broadcaster said so far only a prototype. It was tested by Apple but not confirmed in any way for the phone.

It’s worth noting that YouTube channel director John Prosser has had mixed results. So take information with a handful of salt.

Ideal for Professionals

If the iPhone 13 Pro had 1TB of storage, it would be even more useful for professionals who use their phones for their work.

For example, a photographer or videographer who uses an iPhone – for mobile journalism, adventure photography or whatever – can store twice as many footage or photos on their phone.

Well, these users can currently use cloud storage or external storage devices to expand storage, but some people may prefer a device solution.

In fact, most iPads don’t even reach 1TB, except for the iPad Pro. So it’s weird if Apple brings this high-end storage on its smartphones, not its mid-range tablets. The company is likely seeing more demand for more phone storage than the iPad.

We expect the iPhone 13 series to hit the market by the end of 2021, and we’ll have to wait until then to see if these 1TB storage rumors are true – but before then, we hear a lot of leaks and rumors, so stay tuned to learn. more.

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