Monday, April 15, 2024

iOS Update Causes Screen Issues on iPhones 13 and 14

The latest iPhones appear to face the same problem as the latest Android phones, the Newest software update for Android phones has bugs, but iOS 16 is giving the iPhones 14 and 13 trouble.

Since iOS 16 came out, bugs are already showing up on phone screens all over the world. It looks like an unknown bug in the iOS update is causing the screens of some iPhones 14 Pro, and 13 models to freeze up. When this error happens, none of the game’s animations will work. iOS 16.1, did release last week to repair bugs, which did cause issues for some users.

Several 14 Pro owners it has done a post on social media about problems they are having with their devices.

In a video on YouTube, the user of a 14 Pro couldn’t get past the Spotlight Search menu, no matter how hard they tried. The app switcher full system, but the home screen couldn’t access. This didn’t mean that the phone became completely unresponsive, though.

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Instead, as shown above, some phones are having trouble with a green screen. This affects the vast majority of iOS 13 models. When the phone’s screen goes green, it’s no longer useful. Those whose phones are still under warranty became able to get a new one. But it seems that the problem is more with the software than with the hardware.

Phones haven’t said anything about the problem yet. But the Cupertino company is already aware of it and working on a fix. Some of these problems may get did fix in iOS 16.2, but it’s not clear if the screen problem may get did fix or not. No one knows when it is available to the public.

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