Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Instagram will soon have even more ads

According to Meta’s most recent financial report, the company wants to make more money from ads by putting more ads in the Instagram app. You might want to change your mind if you think this is only happening on YouTube.

The most recent financial report says that Meta’s sales fell for the first time ever during the second quarter. It is currently trying to make more money from Instagram so that it can get back to where it was. This means that there will soon be more ads on the Explore tab and the feed on a user’s profile.

Advertisers can now buy space on the Explore page. However, ads in the profile feed are still in beta. Instagram will help this change by giving people who make content a chance to get a share of the money from ads.

Meta has also shared information about changes to Instagram ads. Augmented reality ads will soon be tested in the social media app’s main feed and Stories. The company says that this will help customers picture how a couch or car would look in their living room or garage.

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The company is also trying out new ways to advertise on Facebook and Instagram Reels. Post-Reel ads that play for up to 10 seconds and are able to skip are part of the “post loop” format. After the commercial, the Reel will begin again. Starting today, Facebook Reels’ footer will also feature a carousel-style layout. A free music collection may become available to advertising brands.

Everyone will see a different number of ads. People will start to notice them in different ways in places where no one has lived before.

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