Saturday, December 9, 2023

Instagram will Launch ‘Story Draft’ Feature very soon

Instagram will launch story draft feature for its users very soon to save their unfinished stories as drafts. Users will soon be able to save their unfinished stories as drafts on Instagram. The company announced the launch of this feature through its official Twitter account.

Previously, Instagram’s “Save Draft” feature was only available when a user tried to post about a Role or a short video about the Role.

However, Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world and is constantly intervening to make the user experience as comfortable as possible. The final adjustment expands the availability of draft content.

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Instagram announced the launch of this feature through its official Twitter account. The social media giant did not reveal an exact release date.

Adam Moseri, head of Instagram, just said the new feature was “coming soon”. He also said that this is one of the most requested features from Instagram users.

Other details are currently unknown. While the draft feature is still under development, screenshots of how this feature works have been leaked online.

The screenshot (published by Wizard Alessandro Paluzzi) shows that when you exit an unfinished story, a small window will appear on the screen asking you to save the story as a draft or drop it and start a new story.

If you reject a story, Instagram will display a message stating that it will erase all your previous changes and users won’t be able to restore them.

Image Credit: Twitter

Tapping the “Save Draft” option will save changes to your history in the Instagram design area. It won’t start right away and you’ll have access to it later. There will also be a Cancel option which will only clear the dialog box. It will allow the user to re-create the story.

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If someone accidentally hits the back button while working on a story, this feature helps because the content doesn’t get deleted.

It is currently unknown if there are any restrictions on how to save design stories on Instagram.

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It doesn’t have to be specific to a Creator as such, of course. Saving stories as drafts is especially useful for everyday users. You can post something great, but you should still post by a certain date.

In this case, they can prepare the story and save it for the required time. Overall, the ability to save stories as drafts has a positive impact on all types of Instagram accounts when they ultimately presented to the crowd.

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