Thursday, March 30, 2023

Instagram Tests 60-Second Stories

Currently, one of the limits of Instagram Stories is that the length of each storey you publish has limited to a maximum of 15 seconds. You could, of course, publish ten of them if your movie is 150 seconds or longer. But the breaks between each Story can be jarring and detract from the overall storey you were attempting to create. But now Instagram is testing 60 second stories.

However, it appears that the Instagram is currently experimenting with the possibility of extending the duration of Stories to up to 60 seconds. A screenshot from @yousufortaccom in Turkey, which has shared on Twitter by Matt Navarra, showed that they had received a notification indicating they had updated on their accommodations.

Through IGTV, Instagram already provides creators with a mechanism to post long-form material. And producers typically provide a link to the video in their Stories so that users may watch it. However, by allowing users to publish longer form content on Stories, it will create a more seamless watching experience. Also users would not have to jump from section to section to watch the content.

Keep in mind that not all users are experiencing this new update. Instagram may be testing the feature before sending it out to more users, presuming that is their intention.

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