Thursday, March 30, 2023

Instagram now allows Reels as a comments reply

Instagram has introduced “Reels Visual Replies” that allow users to reply to comments with Reels. When replying to Instagram comments, users can now select the Reels button to create a video reply. The video reply will display as a sticker, according to Facebook.

Instagram said in a tweet announcing the new feature that it loves the communities created by creators. Hence, Reels Visual Replies, a new feature to communicate with your audience.

It further integrates Reels into Instagram’s larger social media ecosystem. Similar to TikTok’s video answers, users can now respond to comments on their content with videos. TikTok introduced the function last year to let users explain their videos and answer queries. It’s not surprising that Instagram has a TikTok-like feature of its own.

Instagram has begun pushing out new features including Reels Visual Replies. Recently, the business created “Playback” IG Stories time capsules. More than three stories from this year are required by the user or the Stories Archive feature is activated. Instagram suggests Playback posts for you, but you can choose choose what to share. The new feature has been accessible for “weeks.”

“Rage Shake” Feature

With Instagram’s new “Rage Shake” function, users may shake their phones to report app issues. You may report an issue with the app by shaking it and using the shake to report function. The social media behemoth now allows users to remove individual images or videos from a carousel post. Ten images or videos can be included in a carousel feed post. This update allows you to delete items from a carousel.

The business is also testing a tool called “Take a Break” that reminds users to leave Instagram after 10, 20, or 30 minutes. There’s also a new “Add Yours” badge that makes Stories public. Using the new feature, users can respond to other people’s Stories with their own posts.

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