Sunday, December 10, 2023

Instagram Makes Accounts Private of Under 16-s’ by Default

Instagram makes the accounts of under 16 age private by default. Now only Instagram approved followers can see “like” and comments on the posts.

Tests show that only one in five chooses a public account when the private setting is the default, he said. A notification will be sent to existing account holders highlighting the benefits of moving to private.

But Instagram also says that despite the reactions of some groups, it’s moving forward with a new app for young people under 13.

“The reality is that they are now online, and without a reliable way to prevent people from misinterpreting their age, we wanted to create a tailor-made experience for them that is managed by parents and guardians,” said parent company Facebook.

Although he has also developed an artificial intelligence system to find and delete accounts for minors.

The upcoming Online Safety Act instructs tech giants to take adequate security precautions to prevent children from accessing potentially harmful content.

In response, he developed a number of child protection measures.

In March, he announced that older users could message teens who had followed them.

But the system relies on the age specified in the account – something younger users can fool to circumvent such restrictions.

Instagram said its latest update had to “strike the right balance”.

“In the past, we’ve asked young people to choose between a public or private account when signing up for Instagram, but our latest survey shows that they value a more personal experience,” the company said.

Other changes – which prevent accounts from exhibiting “potentially suspicious behavior” such as recently banned messages or tracking children’s accounts – make them “difficult to find for certain adults,” Instagram said.

Meanwhile, a “more cautious approach” would see advertisers target children based solely on age, gender and location, rather than considering their interests and browsing habits.

And while it defends targeted advertising in general and opting out for some species, Instagram says, “We’ve heard from youth advocates that young people may not be ready to make these decisions.”

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