Thursday, February 22, 2024

Instagram is now ready to recover deleted posts

Instagram introduces a new feature that can help you recover deleted posts. This is a precaution against hackers cleaning your account – or a drunken night blackmailing your ex.

Starting today, content deleted from your Instagram account will be moved to the new folder that was just deleted in no time. From there it can be restored or permanently deleted. Both require verification of your identity.

Basically, it’s your good old friend, trash can, but with a padlock.
This new feature affects all Instagram content including network photos, videos, roles, IGTV videos and even your signature stories. Most of them patiently remain in the Recently Deleted Items folder for 30 days before being automatically and permanently deleted.

The only exceptions are stories that have not completed their 24 hour course and have reached the archives. If these stories are deleted, they will only be stored in the newly deleted folder for 24 hours. Then they were pushed out of this death coil.

You can access your deleted content on the Instagram app by going to Settings> Account> Recently Deleted.

This new feature has been around for a long time. Instagram users have been struggling to lose their deleted posts for years and come up with all sorts of inaccurate solutions that claim to solve the problem. The inability to recover content also plagues hack cases as there is no way to fix the crash.

Hacking is always annoying regardless of whether the content has been lost or not, but at least at this point in time the hack wouldn’t be too damaging.

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