Sunday, December 10, 2023

Instagram is now asking to add your birthday

When you open Instagram and see a request to ask about your birthday. Instagram doesn’t want to wish you a happy birthday. But because the company is trying to age everyone so they can make their platform a safer place for more users.
A spokesperson for the social media platform said, “This information will help us to build additional safety features for young people. And guarantee that we are delivering the correct experience”. Among the most recent are the adjustments we implemented in March to restrict adults from contacting anyone under the age of 18 who doesn’t follow them. And last month we began adding new accounts to persons under the age.

Instagram also says that by determining your age, they will know what kind of ad content to limit. You might be thinking what if I just faked my birthday? While it can, Instagram doesn’t recommend it. The company says they have a system that can tell if your age is fake.

“We recognize that some people may have given us the wrong birthday and are developing a new system to deal with it. As we recently shared, we use artificial intelligence to estimate how many parents there are based on things. Like Happy Birthday- Publication In the future. A selection of alternatives will appear to the person who claims to be older than a particular age if technology informs us they’re not.”

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