Thursday, March 30, 2023

Instagram Will Soon add Feature to Post 60 sec Video on Stories

According to the report, Photo sharing website Instagram will soon launch feature of 60 seconds video without cutting on story. Photo-sharing application Instagram is working on a fun new feature that will make uploading Stories more enjoyable for users.

Instagram users have often complained about not being able to publish lengthier Stories clips without the clips being cut off at the end of the video. At the moment, Instagram is attempting to resolve the issue. Users will be able to publish 60-second movies as Stories in the near future.

Matt Navarra, a social media specialist, shared his thoughts on the impending Instagram feature on his Twitter account. “Instagram is now exploring lengthier storey portions of up to 60 seconds,” he explained. According to reports, Instagram is now testing the functionality with a small group of users. ”

When posting films longer than 15 seconds, the video will be automatically divided into many stories, which you may see in a separate tab. It interrupts the flow and is not particularly pleasing to the eye. When videos are not divided into sections, users are more likely to appreciate them.

If Instagram decides to implement the function, users will be able to upload movies that are 60 seconds in length. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the future feature is that it will not separate the video content provided as stories.

A related development is that Instagram will soon allow users to include music in their feeds. Instagram will begin testing the functionality in Brazil and Turkey, with other countries to follow.

In order to include music in their photos or videos that are shared on the Instagram feed, users will no longer be required to use third-party applications. If you do wind up clicking on the song, you will be transported to an audio page that displays all of the Feed postings that have included that particular song.

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