Saturday, December 2, 2023

Govt is ready to establish small industries in North Waziristan

The government is ready to establish small industries in North Waziristan (NW) that can open the ways to progress and prosperity.

The matter was discussed between two provincial echelons of the KPK, M.Abdul Karim Khan and Iqbal Wazir.

The Secretary of Industry Javed Marwat, the Administrative Director of the Industrial Development Council of the Little Azanfar, and representatives of the District Administration of North Waziristan were also present at the meeting.

Abdul Karim Khan said during the meeting that the KPK government is also taking concrete steps towards the economic development of the merged tribal districts.

Moreover, The special assistant said that these districts are rich in natural resources and raw materials, and there was an extreme need to use them to create job opportunities along with industrial development in the area to deal with people’s complaints.

The meeting participants also discussed several obstacles to the establishment of the small industrial park and then decided to resolve the problems immediately.

Furthermore, The special assistant directed the authorities involved to secure the construction of a small industrial property in North Waziristan as soon as possible and to remove all barriers in this regard.

He also said that the construction of the project that would promote commercial activities in the area could be started.

Moreover, He said that a report in that regard should be submitted within two weeks.

Upon completion, the small industrial park is expecting to promote commercial activities and also create job opportunities.

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