Friday, December 1, 2023

United Nations Chief urged India to stop use of pellets in occupied Kashmir

UN chief said that I remain concerned about the serious abuses by India against children in Jammu and Kashmir.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged India to stop using pellets against children in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He stressed to not associate children with security forces in any way.

The neglect of children’s rights in war and unrest is shocking and heartbreaking. Schools and hospitals has constantly attacked, looted, destroyed or used for military purposes. The report noted that a total of 39 children had affected by violence in the occupied territories last year. Nine of them died and 30 were mutilated.

The UN chief made observation in his latest report on Children and Armed Conflict. It has presented to the UN Security Council for open debate but the report fails to explain how India links children to security forces.

UN chief said that I remain concerned about the serious abuses by India against children in Jammu and Kashmir. He call on the government to take precautions to protect children and to stop using pellets on children. The detention and torture of children and military’s use of schools is also very concerning.

He also urged on New Delhi to support the Vancouver Declaration of Safe Schools and Principles. That is an intergovernmental commitment to protect students, teachers, schools and universities from the worst effects of armed conflict. India should have to prevent all forms of ill-treatment in detention. Also ensure the implementation of the Juvenile Justice Act 2015 to address the use of children for illegal activities.

Report revealed some serious concerns about children in Kashmir

According to report, UN verified the use of seven schools by Indian security forces for four months last year. Four children had arrested by forces in occupied Jammu and Kashmir for suspected links to armed groups.

The UN also reviewed the recruitment and use of three boys being used by Indian security forces in less than 24 hours. Further, schools had evacuated in late 2020.

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