Monday, December 4, 2023

War-obsessed India has developed first aircraft carrier named INS Vikrant

War-obsessed India has developed its first home-built aircraft carrier named INS Vikrant. It has the capability of accommodating 30 aircraft and 1600 crew men.

The inauguration ceremony of the first aircraft carrier manufactured in India, ‘INS Vikrant’ held at the shipyard in Kochi. Whereas, PM Narendra Modi has reported to have stated that India will begin construction of large warships today.

A battleship with a displacement of 45,000 tonnes has received 20,000 billion rupees worth of funding from the Modi administration in India. However, the country’s ongoing struggles with poverty, the coronavirus outbreak and economic stagnation still continues.

The length of the vessel is 262 metres and the breadth is 62 metres. It has the capacity to carry 30 aircraft while also seating 1600 crew personnel. It is the biggest warship ever constructed in the country of India.

Initially, only MiG fighters and a few helicopters have stationed at INS Vikrant. However, the Indian Navy is in the process of purchasing 26 additional aircraft, some of which will manufacture by Boeing and some by Dassault.

With the addition of this aircraft carrier to the Indian Navy, India is now able to deploy aircraft carriers on both of its maritime borders. These have located to the east and west respectively.

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