Saturday, December 9, 2023

India counters farmer’s protest by deploying more Police

India counters farmer’s protest against new agriculture laws

Modi’s government has failed to overcome this situation

Tens of thousands of police officers have deployed across India on Saturday. It is to quell renewed protests by farmers struggling with state agricultural reform.

Ten subway stations have closed in central New Delhi – where tractor protests turned into violent riots last month. Also thousands of police officers barricaded and blockaded a major intersection.

On the final day of the action, the farmer’s union called for a blockade of protests across the country.

He and his supporters occupied dozens of roads and toll gates in several states for three hours, but no problems had reported yet.

A large police deployment set up on the main farm in Uttar Pradesh, a traditional stronghold close to the government. Farmer groups have stopped operating in the state to avoid confrontation.

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Tens of thousands of farmers have camped on the outskirts of Delhi since November. They are calling for reforms that free agricultural markets from being lifted.

Farmers say the changes mean that vital agribusiness is taken over by big conglomerates.

As the authorities ramped up pressure and India counters farmer’s protest in Delhi – cutting off the internet and water – the farmers promised to continue their campaign for months.

What Farmers said about protest?

Rakesh Tikait, a prominent farmer, said on Saturday that the protests will continue until their one-year anniversary of their campaign begins on October 2, unless the government repeals the new law.

He told the media that thousands of farmers wanted to come to Delhi to join the protests and were not scare by the barbed wire fences around the camps.

“You can nail the floor; We’ll put our finger on it and let the flowers grow. We are not afraid of barricades or high security.

“We don’t think the police will close the area. If they do, there will be protesters here who can break through any barricades,” he said.

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