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Inability to express yourself on TV can be suffocating: Rubina Dilaik

Rubina Dilaik recalls her most challenging experience on the reality TV show

Rubina Dilaik emerged victorious on Bigg Boss 14 on Sunday night after a journey for the past four and a half months, according to media. The popular TV personality has never managed to win over her accomplice, but her fans have remained loyal.

The reality show also gave Rubina and her husband Abhinav Shukla a second chance to fix their marriage. The couple has revealed on the air that they are going through difficult times and are also considering divorcing. The television actor beat Rahul Vaidya to collect the coveted trophy.

After her big win, Rubina opened up on her Bigg Boss 14 journey in conversation with the outlet, which led to her win and how she absorbed Salman Khan’s harsh words during the Weekend Ka Vaar.

It’s been a long journey of 143 days and it’s worth all the efforts, struggles and failures I went through at home,” she said. “There’s always a desire to win, but this game is about destiny. So I left it. I really don’t know about the game, but the passion for learning has always been ingrained in me.”

Rubina Dilaik confessed about exposing her marriage

When asked if it is difficult to expose marriage and vulnerable situations on television, Rubina confessed, “It is very difficult because there is always fear of rejection, criticism and judgment. The part about feeling depressed is something that Always keeps you from accepting your flaws and mistakes. The best training in my trip to Bigg Boss is to accept all mistakes with grace. If you can, your weaknesses become your strengths. And when you overcome them to show them on TV and manage to inspire even one life, I think it’s good to face all challenges.”

The actor recalled her most challenging experiences and reminded that she never able to explain the situation to her husband. “If you bring your intimate relationship on a public stage and you can’t express yourself freely, you can literally suffocate. It’s very difficult for me because I want him to understand, but I can’t put it into words,” she explained.

In a previous interview, Abhinav said that the best thing the show has done for him is to strengthen his relationship with his wife. After his victory, Rubina also claimed that the most valuable thing about their relationship was not Bigg Boss victory. “I don’t take this [your trophy] for granted, but I have always believed that success hinges on professional and personal coexistence. And now, towards the end of the journey, I can probably say that I got there.”

During the episode, Rubina is branded as authoritative, manipulative, hypocritical, and many others. According to her, “these accusations have only strengthened my determination to look ahead and move forward and encourage me to do better.”

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