Sunday, April 14, 2024

In Windows 11 Dark mode is enabled by default in PCs

Windows 11 commercial SKUs have Dark Mode enabled by default. It’s a major change in PCs that strengthens the eye-friendly design as the preferred option for users around the world.

Microsoft announced the changes during last week’s Inspire event.”As we spend more time looking at the bright screen, not only for endless emails. But also for countless meetings and keeping our privacy at ease with all our Windows 11 shopping items that this popular IT sends, Dark Mode is good.”

Users who prefer the current standard light mode can add it to the Windows 11 customization menu. They can do it in the same way as dark mode is now enable.
What is Windows 11 Dark Mode?
Dark Mode is a user interface style for Windows Eleven on PCs. This replaces the light backdrop with a dark background with light text and other UI components.

It greatly reduces eye strain from looking at the screen for long periods of time. And it’s therefore becoming increasingly popular on various apps and websites like Facebook, Twitter and others. In addition to the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft has launched dark mode in several of its key programs, according to Windows Central.

Initially, in the days of old CRT monitors, “dark mode” was the standard for computer terminals and other displays that used a command line interface. But with the widespread introduction of graphical user interfaces on Apple Macintosh computers in the 1980s. A pure white “desktop” has become a standard topic, something that is carried over to computers and mobile devices today.

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