Sunday, December 10, 2023

In The Outskirts Of Quetta, CTD Shoots Kill Five Suspected Terrorists

On Tuesday during an operation on the outskirts of the city, five supposed activists were shot at by a counterterror-terrorism department (CTD).

A security operation in the Hazarganji area was carried out when terrorists shot at the police forces and staff of the CTDs, a CTD spokesman said.

When security personnel replied to the firing, five terrorists were killed, stated the spokesman.

He said that the militant bodies had been sent for identification to a nearby hospital.

He told police agencies that guns and ammo were discovered by the militants killed.

Incidences of violence have increased in Balochistan, including the explosion of six people injured at Quetta Airport Road on 1 July.

Chief Minister Jam Kamal denounced this attack and stated that it would not spare the terrorists implicated.

“Without the rooting of terror, the government would not sit inactively,” he added.

The terrorist attacks on troops stationed near Turbat killed a Pakistan Army soldier last month, the ISPR stated.

Naik Aqeel Abbas, the slain soldier, resided in the town of Mehro Peelo in the Chakwal district.

According to the ISPR, the insurgents assaulted the forces. The military media wing declared just after the event, “Such unfair activities of enemy-supporting anti-state forces cannot destroy Balochistan’s hard-earned stability and development.”

Security personnel are committed even at the expense of blood and life to neutralize their negative outlook.’

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