Thursday, June 1, 2023

In Pakistan, there has been a steady reduction in coronavirus cases

A decrease was recorded in Pakistan’s daily instances of coronavirus over the previous three days.

Monday morning, 4,040 additional cases were reported, figures from the National Command and Operations Centre.

The positive rates have dropped to 7.54 percent, according to the latest NCOC data.

Following 53,528 coronavirus testing within the previous 24 hours, the 4,040 additional cases were found. The total number of instances therefore amounts to 1,071,620.

However, there is a low decreasing trend in daily numbers, with the latest total reported in 83,298 instances still increasing.

An additional 53 individuals died of COVID-19 in the previous 24 hours. A few of days ago, Pakistan recorded 95 coronaviral fatalities during the fourth current wave of the pandemic, the most in a single day.

Some 964,404 people have recovered thus far, while 23,918 have been killed.

In all cases of coronavirus in Pakistan, however, Sindh has since eased its lockdown substantially. The government of Sindh has issued revised limitations on COVID-19, which will remain until 31 August.

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