Saturday, December 9, 2023

In Pakistan, the Sinopharm vaccination is being given: health ministry

The Ministry of National Regulation and Health Services Coordination assured citizens Thursday that the Sinopharm vaccine was being offered in Pakistan after several days of rumors that it was no longer available or would no longer be given to humans.

The Sinopharm vaccine is available in Pakistan and is currently being administered to humans, according to a statement from the ministry on Twitter.

The statement says that all the rumors that Sinopharm is no longer available in the country are not true. He added that people who are given Sinopharm as the first dose will receive Sinopharm as the second dose.

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The ministry also said Pakistan was working to get more Sinopharm doses.

Earlier this month, when people complained that a vaccine was not available and there were reports of banning it in Pakistan, government spokesman Sindh Murtaza Wahab explained that the vaccine was not banned and that the new dose of the vaccine was “to be stopped at this time”.

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