Monday, May 29, 2023

In Abbottabad, police have made an arrest in a blasphemy case

A guy suspected of blasphemy was arrested by the authorities in Abbottabad.

A Cantt police mobile unit was on patrol when it got a complaint that someone was burning pages of the Holy Quran on District Council Hall Road. The SHO collected a few men and proceeded to the location.

Once from Rawalpindi, one individual informed the police that he was returning home when he observed someone burning the holy book on the Eidgah wall. There came another two men, and they observed it also.

According to the person who supplied the police information first, the event happened around 19 pm.

A bunch of men came together and began to beat him.

Under Section 295-B, the State has registered a FIR. Mehboob said that the individual had been held in police detention for three days, following which they were brought before a magistrate.

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