Monday, December 4, 2023

In a false theft for an Rs10 million insurance claim, a man shoots his wife to death

A man shot his wife to death in a robbery he arranged to raise money from an insurance policy worth 10 million rupees in his name, police said on Friday.

Rahim Yar Khan police said they had arrested the man identified as Kashif Shahin from the Liakatpur area.

According to Ghulam Dastgir Khan, deputy chief of police (DSP) Liakwapur, a woman was killed in a “robbery” at Mohala Hakimabad Rahim Yar Khan for more than a week ago. At that time, Shahin, who was at the scene, notified the police that the Dakoits’ family shot his wife during the robbery. However, he was still arrested on suspicion.

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The suspect admitted to shooting his wife in the head during interrogation and confessed to arranging the robbery to get insurance money. He added that he had an insurance policy worth 10 million rupees in the name of his murdered wife.

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