Wednesday, December 6, 2023

In a building in New York, Taylor Swift’s stalker was arrested for breaching

Taylor Swift‘s alleged stalker has reportedly been detained in the lobby of her New York flat building.

The 28-year-old Patrick Nissen had gone to New York from his home in Nebraska by bus to seek down the artist, according to reports.

Police stated that a guy, after being caught without authorization at her building, was charged with a misdemeanour for second degree criminal offence. The accused was detained when a security officer discovered him.

The security realised that Nissen was not allowed to be at the house and called the police to arrest him on the stage.

Police said he was in love with the singer who was not home at the time, and he’s stated on his Instagram page he had photographs of her.

In April, the police told him that he was talking to the singer on Instagram. In April, a 52-year-old man was detained outside New York’s Tayler Swift’s house after trying to enter the building.

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