Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Imran Khan says Govt aims to make life simpler for Pakistani investors

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Friday that his government is focusing its efforts on advancing policies that benefit investors. The prime minister spoke during an excavation ceremony in the Raskai Special Economic Zone, which is being developed as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

His talks focused on increasing wealth creation in Pakistan and introducing steps to make doing business in the country easier. The prime minister complained that Pakistan had not paid special attention to its exports for years.

“If you don’t increase your exports, the country’s prosperity will never increase,” he complained, adding that selling wheat and other products would not make Pakistan rich on its own.

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He said Pakistan should learn from a special economic zone established by China. He described the Raskai Special Economic Zone as a “great opportunity” and stressed that the authorities would make it easier for investors to do business.

“The more obstacles you remove for investors, the more investors will come here [to Pakistan],” he said, adding that Pakistan was not “an investor-friendly country”.

He said investors are always interested in the prospect of profit and that cannot be done without the government taking steps to simplify business.

Prime Minister Khan said his government had focused its efforts on removing barriers for investors and that Pakistan had the potential to become an “attractive destination” for business people.

The Prime Minister regretted how Pakistani investors have started business in Bangladesh, Malaysia, and other countries. He said the phenomenon was because the government in Pakistan had not removed the barriers for investors.

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“We send them [investors] to this office or this office,” he said, complaining that investors are not being treated as VIPs. “The biggest VIP here has to be the one who creates job opportunities for others,” he added as the crowd applauded.

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