Imran Khan said 2008-2018 a “decade of darkness”

Imran Khan said Thursday that 2008-2018 will be a “decade of darkness” for Pakistan.

Speaking of previous administrations that had come and gone at the time, He said

They were “only thinking about their own campaigns rather than planning ahead.”

“They are thinking about their decision instead of building a dam.”

Imran Khan spoke at a meeting in Islamabad about the documentary drama “Paani ke Pankh“.

Which highlighted Pakistan’s importance To the use of its hydropower capacity.

PM Imran Khan Said:

It was a major mistake to take part in someone else’s war

Pakistan suffered when it chased Western ideologies” says PM Imran

The Imran Khan said the high prices was due to bad governance in the past.

Previous transactions had been such that regardless of whether electricity had recovered or not, payments had to be made, he said.

The prime minister says the secret to China’s progress is long-term planning.

Imran Khan said two new dams would be built in Pakistan in 50 years, while this should be an “occasional” activity.

If we build the dam on time, we will have electricity with a capacity of 70,000 MW,” he said.

He criticized the opposition for increasing more debt for Pakistan by the current government.

He reminded them that when the PTI came to power, the country had debts of 25 trillion rupees.

Of the 11,000 rupees repaid, 6,000 rupees were interest payments, he said.

He continued, because of the devaluation of the rupee, the debt increased by 3,000 billion rupees.

Imran added that due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was a tax collection deficit of Rs 800 billion for a target of Rs 2,000 billion.

Imran Khan added that due to the corona virus pandemic, there was a tax collection deficit of Rs 800 billion for a target of Rs 2,000 billions.

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