Monday, December 11, 2023

Imran khan requests the resignation of Nadeem Babar as the SAPM on oil

Prime Minister Imran Khan asked to resign the special assistant to the minister of oil, Nadeem Babar.

Planning Minister Assad Umar announced this at a press conference on Friday, where he discussed the results of the Federal Investigative Office in an investigation commissioned by the Prime Minister to determine the cause of the country’s oil shortages.

The Secretary of the Petroleum Department (Mian Assad Hayaudin) was also asked to report to the branch office after his replacement was finished, Umar said.

In his extensive press conference, Umar discussed the final recommendations of the Cabinet Committee set up by the Prime Minister to carry out an investigation.

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The committee includes Umar himself as well as Federal Minister Shafkat Mehmud, Azam Swati and Shirin Mazari.

In addition to Assad Umar’s question, Minister Shafkat Mehmud said  Nadeem Babar and Minister of Petroleum had been asked to resign so as not to influence the investigation.

“We passed our recommendations to the Prime Minister, after which he asked for additional information. When a little more information surfaced, we were given the green to share our recommendations,” said Assad Umar.

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He added that previously, the oil business had been fully responsible for the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) when the issue of oil shortages surfaced.

“We have to put an end to this ambiguity,” said Assad Umar. “There is little punishment for those who hurt the economy. The mafia that loots people’s money will not spare Prime Minister Imran Khan.”

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