Sunday, March 26, 2023

Imran Khan reacted to Saqib Nisar Audio Leaked

After the Saqib Nisar Audio Leaked, imran khan criticized the sharif family as he instructed spokesmen to highlight the PML-N’s past history, said that people should be made aware of how the Sharif family has attacked judges, it is the mafia that is pressuring judges to make their own decisions.

These tactics will no longer work in the country, the government respects the institutions and defends them. The next elections will be held in EVM in any case.

When it comes to EVMs, the Prime Minister has urged that the public be given confidence. He stated that, regardless of the outcome, the next election will be conducted using electronic voting machines. After instructing the overseas to eliminate all hurdles to voting, the Prime Minister stated that all obstacles to voting should be removed from the overseas voting process. No matter what happens, it will be completed.

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The topic of inflation was also brought up during the meeting of the spokespersons. Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that inflation is a global issue and that the administration is taking initiatives to bring relief to the people of the country. In order to instil confidence in the public on inflation data around the world,

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