Thursday, June 8, 2023

Imran Khan Expresses Concerns about Possible Arrest Again

  • Imran Khan expresses concerns about a potential arrest, mentioning limited access for lawyers and the presence of additional police forces.
  • During an informal discussion, Khan claims to have been forcefully taken from the court in a previous incident, describing it as an abduction.
  • The Supreme Court of Pakistan labels Khan’s arrest as “illegal” shortly after his arrival, following an order to produce him before the court.

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has raised concerns about a potential arrest by the authorities, according to sources. Khan voiced his worries during a conversation with reporters outside the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

Imran Khan expressed dissatisfaction with the current situation, highlighting the denial of access for lawyers to the courtroom and the presence of an additional police contingent, which he interpreted as a sign of a potential arrest.

During an informal discussion at the Islamabad High Court, Khan emphasized that his presence in court was solely for the purpose of seeking bail and claimed to have been forcefully taken from the court previously, describing it as an abduction. He went on to express his belief that the country was experiencing a state of de facto martial law.

It is worth noting that the Supreme Court of Pakistan recently declared the arrest of Imran Khan “illegal” just moments after he arrived at the court. The court had ordered the authorities to produce him before them, leading to this development.

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